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The Universal Language of Mankind

Make a connection and keep them emtertained. Speak their language and they will respond. Chris Hergenroder makes that connection with one voice, one guitar and the passion of a true entertainer.


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GENRE: Pop/Rock

Singer-songwriter Chris Hergenroder has a sound that can best be compared to artists such as John Mellencamp, Chris Daughtry, Gin Blossoms and Matchbox 20.  

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No matter what teases your senses about music … Chris Hergenroder believes that the live show is more than just a performance, it’s an experience … a journey that he and the audience take together every time he picks up the guitar.


The cover show consists of popular hits primarily from the 80’s and 90’s with a hand full of iconic tunes from other decades and some original songs sprinkled in for flavor. The show starts off with a hit and ends with a bang, always leaving the crowd wanting more. Chris engages the crowd with sing-alongs and his quick wit and sense of humor. The multitalented artist can perform a wide selection of music, has an expansive vocal range and percussive guitar playing ability that will create such a memorable musical experience, it could only be provided by Chris Hergenroder.  

Need to see it to believe it? You can catch Chris at a solo show around the Gulf Coast, or as the front man for the ever popular ‘Chico and Chris’, and occasionally performing alongside some of the Gulf Coast's Favorite bands. He is also currently fine tuning a solo disk of original work for release in late 2015.


Sure, you can see a live show with the many bands performing across the Gulf Coast …


But if you want a performance that keeps your customers coming back for more, Chris Hergenroder has the chops, the guitar and the humor to keep people happy and business booming.



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