Chris Hergenroder Solo Show


The Universal Language of Mankind

Make a connection and keep them emtertained. Speak their language and they will respond. Chris Hergenroder makes that connection with one voice, one guitar and the passion of a true entertainer.


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GENRE: Rock/Pop

With a No Holds Barred - Take No Prisoners approach to his live performance, Chris Hergenroder puts on one Helluva show. From his over the top one man solo show, to a laid back cafe setting to full blown appearances with the band Chico and Chris, or anywhere else you may catch Chris....It is definately one show you don't want to miss.

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A Personal Connection

Chris Hergenroder uses a live performance as a chance to reach out to an audience and pull them in to the experience by including them in the show. Fans are immediately attracted to this kind of personal attention and keep coming back for more.


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